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Pneumatic rotary valve pump

Product Description
Product Description

 The UBA Rotary Valve Style Dispensing Pumps are designed for dispensing  medium to high  viscosity 
  liquid, gel or the liquid contain particles.

Precise micrometer volume adjustment and built-in speed control system ensures dispensing accuracy and plunger motion
   speed control, by which the pumps are suitable for different working condition. Typical accuracy is within ±0.5.

Complete 316 stainless steel pump construction.

Detailed parameters

Model Plunger Dia. Stroke Dispensing Vol. Cycle Rate Air Consumption Weight
P1-R03 4.7 12.7    0-0.23 0-80 12.5 3.3
P1-R05 7.9    0.-0.63
P1-R07 11.1    0-1.2
P1-R10 15.9    0-2.5
P2-R10 15.9 25.4    0-5.0 0-60 23.5 4.2
P2-R12 19.1    0-7.2
P2-R14 22.2    0-9.8
P2-R17 27.0    0-14.5
P2-R20 31.8    0-20.1


Industry Applications
Industry Applications
Zinc-Gel of Alkaline Battery, Vaseline, Gel, Mascara, Liqid Stannum, Lidstick, Grease, Silcone Oil, Blood Testor, Pesticide and more.
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