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Pneumatic check valve pump P1-C P2-C

Product Description
Product Description

* The UBA Check Valve Style Dispensing Pumps are
     designed for dispensing low to medium viscosity
   liquid without contain particles.

*  Precise micrometers volume adjustment and built-in speed
    control system ensure dispensing accuracy and plunger motion
   speed control, by which the pumps are suitable for different
   working condition. Typical accuracy is within ±0.5.

*  Complete 316 stainless steel pump construction.

Detailed parameters

Model  Plunger Dia. Stroke Filling Vol. Cycle Rate Air Comsumption 重量
P1-C03 4.7 12.7    0-0.23 0-150 12.5 2.5
P1-C05 7.9    0.-0.63
P1-C07 11.1    0-1.2
P1-C10 15.9    0-2.5
P2-C10 15.9 25.4    0-5.0 0-120 23.5 3.2
P2-C12 19.1    0-7.2
P2-C14 22.2    0-9.8
P2-C17 27.0    0-14.5
P2-C20 31.8    0-20.1

Industry Applications
Industry Applications
Electrolyte, E-Cigarette Oil, Hot Pipe Water, Perfume, Pen Ink, Shampoo, Chemical Liquid, Medicine, Solvent, Essential oil and More.
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