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Other industrial applicationsOther industrial applications
01Lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitorsLithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors

The semiconductor industry requires measurement inputs, perfusion shear sensitive liquids, strongly acidic liquid. Air bag metering pumps suitable for this field

The following pump models are available in semiconductor applications:
    02Electronic cigaretteElectronic cigarette

    Electronic cigarette liquid oils are low viscosity, good lubrication, using a one-way valve pump priming, high accuracy, good stability。

    03Note ultrapure water heat pipeNote ultrapure water heat pipe

    Heat pipe is usually injected into the ultrapure water inside the pipe, then vacuum package. Check valve type pump is suitable for practicing this aspect. Accuracy and stability than other liquid injection mode switching valve type。

    04Glue waterGlue water

    Mobile phones and other electronic products are usually coated with hanging-component glue application requirements, the one-way electric valve, rotary valve-type pump to precisely control the discharge quantity and discharge rate。

    05Coating, spraying feedCoating, spraying feed

    SM-D Series electric double piston metering pumps, no pulse output can be accurate and stable liquid. Stepper motor or servo motor for precise measurement of output and output speed, for uniform coating, spray application precision requirements

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